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Gel Nails

Jessica`s philosophy of care and protection for the natural nail was paramount when developing their exciting, innovate new soft gel system. This new technology and technique, causes no trauma to the nail but instead gives extra strength and longevity to the nails. This treatment is fume free and yours nails are dry instantly.

Gel file & Polish – Hands £25.00
Gel Manicure £40.00
Gel Spa Manicure £45.00
Gel file & Polish – Toes £28.00
Gel Pedicure £45.00
ZenSpa Gel Pedicure from £45.00
Refresh Treatments

After your first Geleration treatment, we welcome you back for a professional removal and re-application of new gel nails.

Gel Removal – hands £5.00
Soak – hands £6.00
Soak off Nails, Nourish & Nail Shaping – Hands  £20.00
Add Gel Removal – Toes £10.00
Soak Off Nails, Nourish & Nail shaping – Toes £20.00
Nail repair free