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St Tropez Spray Tanning

St.Tropez is the aloe-vera tan choice for all beauty professionals and celebrities worldwide. Your treatment will leave you with a natural golden glow with results lasting up to 7-10 days with the correct aftercare. St Tropez have developed a choice of spray tans so you will never be disappointed. Ideal for all skin types.

Classic Spray Tan

A natural looking tan to suit all skin types.
  • Recommended developing time 8 hours.
  • Express Spray Tan

    The most advanced tan yet.
  • 1 hr developing for alight sun-kissed glow.
  • 2 hrs developing for a golden medium tan.
  • 3 hrs developing for a deep dark bronze.
  • Dark Spray Tan

    The intelligent tan tailors to your skin tone for a rich, dark colour.
  • 4 hrs developing for dark bronze
  • 6 hrs developing for an intense dark bronze
  • 8 hrs developing for an ultimate extra dark tan.
  • Legs only